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Add a Call

Each job is entered into the computer as its called in.  This insures accurate time elapse information.


Makin' a Plan

Undispatched calls are color coded, showing time elapse and priority, for fast and efficient dispatching.



@Road Map Page The closest truck can then be located via GPS Tracking/Messaging system. 

The truck information is stored for 2 weeks and can be recalled in a report form to check driver performance, efficiency, and to aid in the resolution of any mileage discrepancies.

@Road Messaging Page The call is then sent to the appropriate truck, the driver receives it on the display and acknowledges in route over the 2-way radio. 

The "SENT" confirmation is incorporated into the @Road system and not a driver dependant response. 

This ensures that the message got sent to the driver and they are not just sitting there waiting. 

Truck Unit The Truck unit displays the message, and the date and time it was sent. This keeps the driver from having to fumble with scratch paper and miscommunication with the dispatcher.

The driver also has pre-defined buttons that send messages back to the dispatcher signaling,  Enroute, On location, Clear, and a host of others.

They also have a means to type text messages in the event of  2-way radio break down.


Each Truck retains a manifest, showing each call dispatched, records on scene, and completion times.



Truck Manifest




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