Take a look at some of the more involved scenes.

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In this scene just the trailer rolled over leaving the tractor upright and still attached to the trailer.  After cutting the trailer from the tractor, it was up righted and pivoted to the back of truck 11 to be towed.



This is not what you want to see on your morning commute,  a Freightliner with a 53-foot trailer lying on its side.   Due to the mass and length, this recovery required 2 trucks to complete.  Firefighters cut the roof off in order to free the trapped driver who was air lifted to a trauma unit.  The driver recovered from his injuries.

After bringing the trailer closer to the street, it was ready to lift and place recovery straps underneath the trailer.

Truck 11 sets up the straps and cables

Truck 5 does the same, staying close to the truck to keep traffic free till the last minute

After cables and straps are set, the trucks take position and tension the cables

Traffic is halted, and the truck begins to rise

It takes all 4 lanes for the final phase of the recovery

Reverse angle of the ascent

The Tractor and Trailer were towed back to our storage lot for Illinois State Police and Insurance inspectors


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