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Sometimes even tow trucks break down.  Both broken tow trucks had axle problems and needed a Flatbed.   No problem for these hard working machines with an experienced driver that can get the job done.

A Classic MG and a Mint Chevy Chevelle.  Entrusted to Professionals.

At Artie's we're ready to blow the competition away.  This Cannon, towed the from the Nation Guard proves it

Anyone need to go shopping?  Sam's Club ran short on carts on a frantic holiday shopping spree.  Artie's Towing came to the rescue so holiday meal planners wouldn't be disappointed

After spending more than 1000 hours building this plane from a kit in his garage, the owner trusted us to transport it securely to the airport to mount its wings and take its maiden flight.

This 20 ton Frame machine needed to be moved to a new facility for which Artie's Towing was given the task of rigging and transporting.

A Home Built Cobra Kit Car

1" ground clearance

A 1934 Rolls Royce, freshly media blasted for a full restore.  FYI Rolls Royce in 1934, made the frames out of wood wrapped in tin

An old Buick nearly over loaded the truck springs

We removed this Truck Box from the frame of a junk truck, transported it to the customers home and placed it in the back yard to serve as his shed.

These customers just couldn't part with their shed.  After they sold the house they hired us to transport the shed to their new home.  This takes great care since the shed is made of sheet metal and is easily crushed.  This shed had a wooden joist floor which was the only part that could be used to winch it up on the bed.

This $5,000,000 MRI Machine needed to be lifted into the back of a semi for transportation from the local hospital.  Guess who was trusted with the care of this expensive piece of equipment?

While Backing up, This driver didn't see the hole behind him.  As soon as the rear wheels hit the ledge, the trailer rolled on its side and the tractor came to rest on a garbage dumpster

After leveling the trailer with solid ground, the rear of the trailer was swung around.  Then entire unit was towed to a repair facility


1972 Ford Mustang returning to the owners house, in Wisconsin.



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