Some Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to get to everyone within an hour of their call for help.
In extreme weather conditions these times will vary, we will always let you
know how long we think it will take us to get to you.

For regular passenger vehicles, 95% of the time we will send a flatbed. With today's vehicle drive systems and suspension designs
it is the safest and the best way to insure no damage.

No. Even our facility is open on holidays and weekends.

There are several reasons.
1. You do not have to pay the tow bill.
2. The insurance adjuster will inspect your car and other cars involved sooner to avoid storage fees.
3. No ugly wreck at your house.
Additionally some municipalities may ticket you and/or remove it citing it as a hazard

Yes. We have motorcycle dollys, much like a tiny motorcycle trailer, that we load the motorcycle onto at ground level, strap it down, then pull that onto a flatbed truck, and further securing.

Unfortunately we don't sell tires, therefore we cannot change your flat tire, but we can tow you to a repair facility to have your tire fixed or replaced

Unfortunately we don't sell batteries.
Additionally, it may not be your battery a full diagnosis would be the best course of action to insure the battery is in fact dead.
We can provide road service to jump start your vehicle so you can drive it to the repair facility, or tow it if the jump doesn't take.

No. Insurance and motor clubs (not directly dispatched by the motor club) does not have an accounts payable method of paying us directly.
We will however provide you with a verifiable receipt showing all charges and rates you can turn into your insurance for reimbursement.

If your question wasn't answered here, please don't hesitate to call (847)888-0611 or drop us an email